1. Wrap Me Up

    Let’s face it- you’re the queen of your castle.
    At the end of a long day, you deserve to wrap
    yourself up in a luxuriously royal robe. With a
    little guidance, it’s easy to find the perfect robe.

    First, let’s talk sexy robes. Silk is arguably on
    of the most beautiful fabrics in the world. What
    you might not know is that it’s also one of the
    strongest fabrics in the world and is very durable.
    Silk robes are a great investment because they
    are soft, sexy, breathable, and long lasting.

    Our favorite silk robe is Samantha Chang’s Kimono

    However, if you’re looking for a more practical
    robe, you need to be setting your eyes on spa
    robes. They aren’t as fancy as some one the others,
    but they do their job when you get out of the shower
    and can last a long time.

    We suggest Hanro’s simple and perfect Waffle Cotton robe!

    Last but certainly not least are the Wrap Up by VP
    robes. Yes, these guys get their own category. They are
    very stylish and come in a variety of different styles. On
    top of being super cute and devilishly comfy, these robes
    are also absorbent! which means you can slip right into
    them out of the shower. Can you say perfect?! We carry
    this style, Pearl Blue, as well as many others down at
    our shop.

    Come stop by and pick yourself up something or
    grab a robe for that perfect queen in your life!


  2. Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

    Did you know aside from our beautiful collection of lingerie, the Hope Chest also carry luxury sleepwear!

    Department store pajamas are made out of cheaper materials
    that are not as good quality. Therefore, the more you use and
    wash them, they begin to loose their comfort and fall apart.
    However, good quality pajamas get comfier and softer the
    more you use them and likely to last you quite a few of these
    cold winter seasons.

    A favorite among my friends is a brand called PJ Salvage.
    They are famous for their luxury fabrics and adorable, chic
    patterns. We carry the plush skull pajamas, thermal pajama
    in fancy and lip prints, and more!

    Stop by the store to pick out you’re favorite pair and stay warm this winter!


  3. Do you know Hanky Panky?

    Hanky Panky is a world famous lingerie company
    that was established here in the US. They are
    best known for their signature lace thong. It’s
    a sexy, comfy, and very flattering essential!

    What a lot of women don’t know is that
    Hanky Panky actually offers a variety of
    other amazing products!

    For example, for those women who
    don’t feel comfortable in a traditional
    thong style, Hanky Panky offers a hi-rise
    thong which is flattering on all shapes and
    sizes with all the benefits of a thong: no lines!

    Hanky Panky also has bralettes and camisoles
    that offer the same comfy, sexy lace that
    the brand is famous for!

    For those ladies who like to adventure on the
    non-traditional side, Hanky Panky has a new
    line of printed thongs and panties! We carry
    the Love Shimmer, Crown Jewels, and Sequins
    prints in the shop!

    If that doesn’t do it for you, Hanky Panky takes
    sexy to a new level with their Isabella garter set.
    guaranteed to be the hottest item in your
    lingerie drawer!

    So stop by Hope Chest this week and see all
    this wonderfully diverse brand has to offer! :)


  4. Are these dark cold nights, the shop sure does look inviting!


  5. Happy Golden Days

    The holiday season brings shimmer and metallics to
    otherwise simply items. We put glitter on cards, tinsel
    on trees, ribbons on boxes, and… gold trim on our
    lingerie? Of course!

    Our shop has some new beautiful items from an
    Australian company called KissKill. My favorite piece
    is the ever fierce black studded bra! It has beautiful
    details that make it look and feel luxurious. The matching
    thong makes this the perfect pair!

    We also carry their gold star nightie set and gold
    Cheyenne nightie. They are comfy, sexy, and trimmed
    to perfection! The ideal nighties to keep you feeling
    like a queen.

    Speaking of royalty, we have saved the best for last.
    We have a gorgeous corset from a small Italian
    lingerie company, Valery. This corset shines with its
    brilliant gold detailing on the bust.

    Trim yourself with gold and treat yourself like a queen!
    Or better yet, in the spirit of the season, buy some gold
    for your loved ones! Happy Shopping ;)


  6. Slip Into Sexy!

    So, we’ve talked about slips that work as shapewear under our dresses,
    but now it’s time to talk about all those sexy slips we carry!

    Of course, a beautiful slip can give you confidence beneath your outfit,
    but too many girls worry about their slips showing (especially with those
    short dresses). If it’s a good slip, don’t be afraid to show it off!

    Many celebrities like Paris Hilton and Victoria Beckham are famous for
    wearing their slips out as dresses! Although this is a very sexy look, it
    is also rather daring. And, in this weather, not very practical. Instead,
    we suggest wearing a thicker chemise like Lou Lou Corset Dress and
    pairing it with a blazer and tights.

    One of my all time favorite looks is when I see a beautiful slip peeking
    out from underneath a dress. When you’re wearing a piece as beautiful
    as the Fortnight Mira slip in wine or the Christine VanCouver chemise,
    it looks fantastic showing beneath a dress and often times looks like
    it’s part of your dress!

    Here is Ashley Simpson pulling off this look on the red carpet!
    Doesn’t her slip just blend right in?

    We have a wide selection on beautiful slips so stop in our store today! We’re just located at 19th & Chestnut St.

    Happy Shopping!


  7. 'Tis the Season

    'Tis the season for parties and gatherings, from Thanksgiving dinner to New Years Eve celebrations. That means, like me, you ladies will be squeezing into those little red dresses and tight, extravagant costuming. Therefore, it is also the season for shapewear!

    Shapewear is a foundation garment worn under your clothes in order to enhance your body’s appearance. It is also an essential fashion piece to achieve that perfect shape for your dress or outfit.

    Of course, every girl has heard of the Spanx empire. Spanx started the shapewear revolution by making shapewear comfortable, affordable, and very accessible. One of their best selling products, which we carry at Hope Chest, is the Tight-End Tights® High-Waisted, aka the miracle worker. The body-shaping starts below the bra line (so that theres no awkward bulge between your shapewear and bra band) through the thighs and rear. And, of course, ends in very stylish looking tights to tie together any outfit.

    However, there are other amazing products to look out for that are not from the Spanx brand! Bodywrap shapewear is a fantastic brand that we LOVE and carry in our shop! Our favorite bodywrap product, previously mentioned in our “Essentials” post, is the High-Waisted Thong. It’s a seamless microfiber thong that provides all-day control in a high waist style. That means no one has to know you’re wearing shapewear!

    Now, if you’re not into shapewear or don’t think that it’s just not for you, that doesn’t mean that you should go bare under your dress! Slips are essential to pulling together your ensemble whether you are wearing shapewear or not.

    Although a slip sounds like something from your grandmothers closet thats is outdated and old, it is actually quite the opposite! Slips have changed with the times and are very sexy and slimming. They help smooth out the contours of your curves so you look absolutely fabulous under your dress. Only Hearts is an amazing brand we carry that has a product called Second Skin Chemise. It’s light, comfortable, and controlling! Wear it and feel like nothing’s there…

    Stop by our shop at 19th and Chestnut! We will show you a wide array of shapewear and slips that will be perfect for any dress or occasion. Hope to see you soon :)


  8. Modern Woman on a Budget!

    No matter what your current income is, we all have a budget we must should follow. The juggle between sticking to your budget and still treating yourself can become a bit of a challenge. However, there are lots of easy ways that every woman can save money and still be fabulous!

    Things to Save On:

    Skip your morning latte. I know, it’s a bit cliche. But if you really take a look at the money you’re handing over to your barista every morning, it starts to add up fast! You could save yourself $4 and 300 calories every day! To replace your morning stop, buy a pound of coffee or pack of K-cups and just brew it at home. Add a little cinnamon to get that true coffee house feel!

    Skip the bar. Honestly, the reality of the bar scene is pretty overrated. Who wants to spend $10 a drink in a loud, crowded room every weekend? Change up the pace. Send an invite out to your girlfriends on facebook, do a ten minute quick drill apartment clean up, and have a wine party at your place! You’ll be amazed at how much fun you can have at home (especially after your third glass).

    Skip the car/taxi. If you live in Philly (which you totally should), you probably find yourself popping though various sections of the city at any given day. However, we all can relate to how horrible/expensive the maze of city parking can be. Sure, flagging a taxi can be relaxing and make you feel like Carrie Bradshaw, but $20 to give me a lift down Market St? Not so fabulous. Public Transportation is so much cheaper and easier. Or better yet, walk! Philadelphia is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Give yourself ten extra minutes and stroll down to your afternoon meeting :)

    Things to Invest In:

    Your shoes. Yes, you’re welcome. We all know that shoes are a girl’s best friend. However, to go deeper than that, shoes need to support you througout your whole day. A cheap shoe will leave your feet feeling sore after a long day and the cheap material will probably only last a few months. For most of us, they also need to make a good transfer from our day shoe to our night shoe. A stylish but comfortable shoe is a rare find- so invest in them when you find them! Get some good, beautiful, comfortable shoes and don’t feel guilty investing your money in them. It will be worth it!

    Your bed. A good bed is worth invest in because you use it every single day! It deserves to be good quality. A good quality mattress will leave you feeling well-rested and comfortable. No more sore backs and droopy eyes! You deserve to sleep like a queen. Also, have you ever sleep on sheet of a high thread count? Do it. You won’t regret it. It’s like sleeping on a cloud of love. Your bed is one investment that you will not regret!

    Your lingerie. Yeah, I know you girls saw this one coming. But it’s so true! Bargain bras just don’t make the cut. The cheap material and construction will not offer you the comfort and support that you deserve! The underwires break through and poke you, the straps can twisted and worn, the cups get wrickled… ick! We wear our lingerie everyday the same way that we use our beds everyday. Therefore, you need to invest in them!

    With that being said…

    You don’t necessarily have to drop big bucks to get luxury quality lingerie! We do offer several options at Hope Chest for women who are trying to save! And they are still good quality bras and high-end names!

    Wacoal brand has a sub-division we carry called “b.tempt’d”. Wacoal quality products, cute designs, and here’s the kicker… They’re only $42!

    Another option for you smaller chested ladies would be a bralette. They are small, light bras with no underwire and usually are made of lace. We carry bralettes from brands like Cosabella, Hanky Panky, and more. These bralettes only start around $38!

    We all have to deal with budgeting our money. However, it is important to know where to make the cuts and where to invest. Stop by Hope Chest soon and we will assist you in finding your perfect lingerie! :)


  9. Hello, Fabulous!


  10. Anonymous asked: so I love wearing low cut shirts when I go out but I have a large chest and I always feel like Im falling out of my low cut bras. Do you have a suggestion or is this just what Im stuck with?

    Unfortunately, this is a problem that a lot of us big busted girls have to face. But there is a solution! You’re probably wearing a plunge bra but what you need to get is a shallow cup bra. I suggest giving a demi bra a try. Demi bras offer support and control, but they are also cut lower than full cup bras. You should get a demi style that specializes in full cups so its deep enough of a demi for you. That means you can wear your sexy, low cut shirts while also keeping control of your ladies!

    Remember, we carry 30-42 bands AA-H cups in our shop and can order other sizes for you, as well! Stop on in and we will find you the perfect demi bra!

    Thanks for the question :)