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    The Letter. Karl Boehmer, Jugend magazine, 1925.

    This is so lovely. Via.

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  3. Kinga Rajzak by David Armstrong for 10 Magazine Summer/Autumn 2012

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  5. We received this beautiful new colorway for the Simone Perele Amour today!



  7. There are a few Claudette pieces on sale at www.hopechestphila.com right now!

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  8. Ombre Lingerie by Cosabella! You can buy these at www.hopechestphila.com.


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    Lingerie as Outerwear: Summer Wraps and Sweaters

    Credits: Jessica Bed Jacket by Ayten GassonGatsby Kimono by Christine Lingerie

    Read this great post from The Lingerie Addict about how to get more use from your favorite robes and wraps!


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